How the Champion UL-130 Compares to Glastender GT-30

In the restaurants, nightclubs, lounges, bars and assorted watering holes around the nation, a large element of their quality of service depends on the efficiency of their cleaning and sanitizing equipment. The Champion UL-130 and the Glastender GT-30 are two commercial bar glass washers being used in many of these establishments. They are both affordable and popular glassware cleansing appliances, but that is about where the similarities end. When it comes to precision, efficiency, production capability, ease of use and the specifics of price and/or cost of maintenance, the Champion model is clearly a step above the Glastender.

The difference in precision comes with the Champion’s two interchangeable washing and rinsing arms powered by a 1 HP dishwasher motor and three separate pumps for washing, rinsing and sanitizing in comparison to the Glastender model’s stationary spray boxes and 1/6 HP pumps. For the discerning customer this presents a higher level of glistening cleanliness, and for the businessman this is just part of the reason his production is higher if he owns a Champion UL-130.

The Glastender GT-30 has a conveyer rack which can rotate clockwise or counter clockwise as the unit washes, rinses and sanitizes its contents on three minute cycles. It includes a glass stop arm and the washer loads from the top. The Champion UL-130, however, boasts a unique design of one peg style dish rack and one flat rack which is open, enabling it to hold dish and glass ware of many different shapes and sizes. The Champion model can produce twenty-one racks an hour due to its unique engineering and this in turn, not only means increased production, but it also makes life a little easier for the little guy in the back. What also contributes to the difference in ease of use between these two models is the fact that the Champion has its control switches conveniently located right on top of the unit instead of in a low corner of the unit.

When it comes to durability and cost of maintenance, warranties are great but the discerning consumer really wants an appliance that was designed with these burdens in mind. That is precisely what the engineers of the Champion UL-130 did and it is evident by the pumped drain, low water tank heat protection system and even the door safety switch contributes to this unit’s ability to carry on Champion’s long-standing tradition of reliable durability.

The stainless steel side panels and top of the Champion UL-130 along with its ability to easily fit under most counters create a sleek attractiveness that is undeniable. The Glastender GT-30 can be found for anywhere from hundreds to over a thousand dollars more than the Champion UL-130. So, not only is it more expensive, but in many of the categories that determine an appliance’s value it fails to compare with the Champion UL-130. It is an under bar low-temp glass washer and it basically gets the job done, but when it comes to efficiency, production capability and long lasting quality performance anyone can see that the Champion UL-130 has the clear advantage.

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