The Champion CG Bar Glass Washer vs. Moyer Diebel DF Bar Glass Washer

Champion dishwashers are known within the food service industry for being highly profitable and reliable machines for cleaning dishes. Champion dishwashing products can be found in many food service locations because they are durable, dependable, energy efficient and versatile. Even though Champion products are considered among the best in the industry there are some companies that want to challenge their status.

Moyer Diebel is one of Champion’s competitors who is looking to out sale and out perform their organization. Both of these companies compete fiercely in the arena of glass washers for bars. Here is an analysis of why the Champion CG Bar Glass washer should be considered a superior product to the Moyer Diebel DF Bar Glass Washer.

Moyer Diebel DF
Moyer Diebel designed their DF glass washer unit to be a high performance machine that is able to repeatedly wash dishes in a fast paced environment. One of the special features that the Diebel DF offers for their owners is a cool rinse cycle which means that there is no waiting around for dishes. The unit also has a polypropylene belt which is designed to protect delicate and fragile drinking glasses such as stemware. The DF can clean up to 1200 glasses an hours and the dimensions for the unit are 27″ width, 29″ height and 20″ length. This cleaner does not produce any type of steam from behind the bar.

Champion CG
Champion’s CG bar glass washer weighs 156 pounds, has a 39″ height, a 25 1/4″ width and is 26″ long. The unit has a double walled shell that is designed for a quieter wash cycle and it helps to reduce generated heat when a cycle is running. Champion has a built in self flushing system that reduces the amount of time that is needed for maintenance. Cleaning cycles for this bar glass washing machine require less energy and water and it has a three pump injection system for releasing soaps and sanitizing solutions for a more precise cleaning.

The Champion CG has a 12″ clearance rack that allows tall stemmed glasses to be cleaned with ease. There are also three off-the-floor storage containers for water that is located at the bottom of a unit on its shelf. The unit also has upper and lower rinse arms which gets the dishes really clean. A cool rinse cycle is also included on this unit and operators do not have to worry about spots and chips. When bartenders have to clean a lot of glass ware in a relatively short amount of time they should have the service of the CG at their disposable. The unit is capable of cleaning more than 1250 glasses an hour.
While the differences between both of these units are small the Champion CG slightly outperforms the Moyer Diebel DF. Operators who work in a high volume fast paced environment such as casinos, race tracks and some night clubs will definitely benefit from the use of the Champion CG. Accessories for the CG includes a drain tray, waste collector, hand sink and wet waste receiver and a wash down hose.

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